Result of the opinion poll regarding the vacation in February

Dear Parents,


We would like to thank the more than 900 parents who expressed their opinions on the question open by the Management  of the LFV. 


Please note that multiple votes and unidentified votes were considered void. Only those parents have been contacted, who had consented to have their contact information being communicated to us by the school management.


Total number of votes : 932

Double or invalid votes: 89

Valid votes: 843

In favor of advancing the February vacation: 533 votes, 63,2%

In favor of maintaining the planed date: 282 votes, 33,5%

No opinion: 28 votes, 3,3%


As far as voting in the School Council (Conseil d’Etablissement) is concerned, we had decided jointly with the UPEL to respect the proportionality of opinions.


The extraordinary School Council who met on January 25th has rejected the change of dates for the February holidays.




The yearly general assembly has taken place on November 12th 2020, this is your new APE Team.