Your team

Join us if you would like to get more involved with your children's school.

Jean-Brice Blavignac



Cécile Boisseau


Aurélie Wagner-Pautrot


Julien Carpe



As member of the APE we work on a voluntary basis throughout the year, during our free time, to ensure that your children and ours can study in the best possible conditions at the Lycée français de Vienne.


We count on your financial support, through a membership fee of EUR 25 per family and per year, to help us fulfil our mission and carry out our activities. 


We also look forward to your personal engagement with our team to help us undertake even more actions and projects, especially those of interest to you. Thank you for your support.


Our bank account will be communicated in the confirmation e-mail after your registration (we do not publish our IBAN anymore because we were the target of a fraud attempt).