Your child needs private tuitions? Why not try Talentify?

Typically we all think about hiring an adult or a university student to give private tuitions to our children. But have you heard about Talentify?


Talentify is a free online platform for the students at the Lycee. Children looking for private tuition are called "Karli" and those offering it are called "Suzi.


The Karlis may find it easier to learn from an older kid, as is the case with many children who have already joined this learning platform. The Suzis manage to earn a little money and are granted access to free courses designed for their age by talentify.


Key points:

  • Many students learn better from their peers or from older students, rather than from an adult.
  • Talentify is completey free and the platform is not involved in any financial transaction; payment has to be arranged directly between the students (with the agreement of the parents).
  • Students above 12 years old can register by themselves at any time. Children under 12 years old can only be registered by their parents, who should either use a registration code provided by the APE or upload a copy of their children's student cards.
  • Talentify is committed to protecting its users' personal information. Its does not use the data for commercial purposes in any way, and it does not share the data with third parties in any way.
  • Talentify has won the trust of many viennese schools and of the viennese authorities.


The APE is convinced that Talentiy offers an effective way of arranging private tuitions and recommends its use.


For more information do not hesitate to contact us or to visit Talentify's website.