Ask your children to participate before Tuesday, November 8 at midnight

The winners will receive a surprise gift on the theme of nature and sustainable development as well as a quality print of their photo, made by our partner Canon Austria!

The names of the winners will be announced in the APE newsletter on Thursday, November 15 and the winners' photographs will be published with their permission.


We are offering elementary, middle and high school students the opportunity to participate in a photo contest this fall on the theme of biodiversity around their homes.

The PTA encourages students to go for a walk in the parks, squares and streets of the city or the surrounding countryside and observe biodiversity.

Birds on a branch, insects on a wall, plants between two paving stones or moss on a sidewalk... biodiversity is just around the corner.

The unusual or artistic side of the photo will be valued.


How to participate in the photo contest?

A maximum of two photographs can be sent per participant.

Before Tuesday, November 8 at midnight, participants must send their photograph(s)

- By email to bonjour@ape.wien indicating the name, first name and class of the student

- In the title of the email, indicate "Photo Contest

- Insert one or two photos in JPG or JPEG format only

- Make sure to indicate NAME+Firstname+Grade in the name of the photo.

- Indicate whether or not you authorize the publication of your photo, if you are selected among the winners.


The jury, composed of members of the PTA office and the Lycée Francais de Vienne student office, will meet to select the best photograph in each category.


Four age categories will be represented:

Category CP, CE1, CE2

Category CM1, CM2, 6ème

Category 5th, 4th, 3rd

Category 2nd, 1st, Terminale